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About Micro-Courses                       

Micro-Courses are short, condensed lessons consisting primarily of video tutorials with bite-sized projects and supplemental learning activities. Students can use Micro-Courses to accelerate their development of industry-oriented skills, advance their careers, or pursue learning for their own personal interests.

The compact lessons that Micro-Courses offer are intuitively designed for working artists and creatives looking to advance their skills quickly and efficiently. Micro-Courses are equipped with powerful features, such as peer assessment, Gallery, and discussion boards that encourage meaningful conversation and facilitate a rich, interactive learning experience. Through Micro-Courses, students can share valuable feedback and be part of an active, collaborative community of enthusiastic creatives.     

Most Micro-Courses are priced individually (pay per course), while some are available for free. Students can enroll in Micro-Courses at an affordable cost, with most courses priced under $150 USD.

To access micro-courses, simply navigate to and Browse & Filter by Micro-Courses.

Badge of Completion

You can earn a Badge of Completion after successfully completing all activities within a Micro-Course.


Sharing your Badge

All of your Badges can be accessed via your Profile/Portfolio, and you can share them on social media or with employers and school using your portfolio unique public URL.