General Help

Kadenze Messenger

Messenger is Kadenze's direct messaging system. The Messenger allows image/file uploads, unlimited conversations, and group chats up to 50, so you can form study groups, workshop projects, or just hang out.

Start a conversation

To start a new conversation, click the plus icon, and type out the user(s) you want to message in the message window on the right. You can search by name or email address. NOTE: If you’d like to hide your name from search results, you can do so in your Account Settings.

Find a conversation

If you need to look up an old conversation, scroll through the left menu, or use the search bar to find names or content.

Send a file

You can send a file to any user by clicking the paper clip underneath the message, or if it's an image, you can embed it inline by clicking the picture icon next to it.

Add/Remove someone from a conversation

Click the overflow menu in the upper right (or next to the conversation tab), and click "View Participants." From there you can add/remove users to any conversation, or start a private conversation with one.

Block a User

We hope it never comes up, but if you need to block a user, use the overflow menu, or "View Participants" if it's a group conversation.