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Enrollment Types

There are four enrollment types a Kadenze learner can choose when enrolling in a course: Audit, Certification, Credit Eligible, and Program.


Basic access to a course. You'll be able to watch session videos, participate in the forums, and view/download course resources. Both Free and Premium members can enroll in a course as an auditor. Premium members may choose to audit if they're not interested in completing coursework and receiving a grade or Certificate/Statement of Accomplishment.

Certification/Verified Statement

Included with Premium Membership for as many courses as you’d like, this track enables you to do everything auditors can do, plus submit assignments, receive grades, and earn a verified Certificate of Accomplishment that you can share with the world. Premium Members also get access to exclusive discounts on course materials like software too.

Credit Eligible

Credit Eligible enrollment is available to Premium members for certain courses: use the Credit Eligible filter on the Browse Courses page to see which ones are offered for credit. This credit is actual college credit granted by the offering institution, so check with your registrar to make sure they'll transfer credit from the offering school. Some courses may have additional coursework or other requirements for credit eligible, but this track is otherwise the same as the Certification track. Some Programs are also credit eligible, as detailed below.


Unlock exclusive courses and earn a Specialist Certificate that shows the world you’ve mastered the subject. Some Programs are also Credit Eligible, and include transferable college credit at no additional costs. See “Credit Eligible” above, and the individual Program for more details.

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