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Credit Eligible Courses

Kadenze offers a number of "credit eligible" courses, which means they can be taken for credit from the offering institution. For instance, if you were to take (and pass) Comics: Art in Relationship as credit eligible, you'd receive credit from California College of the Arts! If you go to California College of the Arts, those credits will count just like if you took the course on campus. If you attend a different school, contact your registrar ahead of time to make sure you'll be able to transfer the credits you receive. Once you've completed the course, contact the offering institution's registrar for a final transcript and any other materials your registrar needs to transfer credit.

Credit Hours

The credit system typically used in the U.S. (and by Kadenze) refers to credits as "credit hours," "credits," or occasionally "units." Each credit represents 45–50 hours of learning. For instance, a two-credit course should take 90–100 hours to complete. On Kadenze, this includes time spent watching session videos, completing assignments and assessments, reading resources, and any other time spent related to the course.

Other Credit Systems

There are many different credit systems used in different countries around the world, so we recommend you familiarize yourself with the credit system used by the offering institution, as well as the system used at the school you'd like to transfer credit to. Credits will be awarded and transferable under the offering institution's credit system and regulations.


Credit eligible students pay $300 USD per credit, so a two-credit course will cost $600, and a three-credit course will cost $900. As per above, credit will be issued in the units of the offering institution. Credit eligibility is available for all students with a Premium membership.


In order to offer credit eligible courses, we're required to verify your identity when you submit any coursework. See our proctoring FAQ for more info.


To see a full list of our credit eligible courses, head to the Browse Courses page, click "Refine Search," and then the Credit Eligible filter.

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