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Certificate of Accomplishment

Premium members receive a Certificate of Accomplishment for any course that they complete with a grade of 65% or higher. Each Certificate contains information including your name, the course you took, and the skills you learned. Special recognition will be given to students who place in the top 20%, 10%, and 5% of each course, and a ribbon reflecting their achievement will be added to their Certificate*.

Picture of Certificate of Accomplishment

When you complete all of the coursework in your course, or the course ends, you’ll receive a link to your Certificate via email within 24 hours. We host it on our site permanently, so if you downgrade to a Free membership, you’ll still be able to access it at any time.

All of your certificates can also be accessed any time via your Portfolio, and you can share them on social media using their unique public URL. This way you can show it to employers and schools!

Many courses in Adaptive Mode don't have closing dates. In these cases, we'll send you an email about your Certificate eligibility based on your activity in the course. Ribbon rankings are calculated for students in groups of 50.

*Note that for us to accurately calculate your grade rank in Scheduled courses, we have to wait until the course closes. Once it's closed, if you rank, we'll add the ribbon to your certificate automatically.