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Grading FAQ

How is my work graded?

We are committed to making our assessments as robust and individualized as possible. For this reason, we work hard to combine machine-based assessment with community and peer assessment. Students taking courses “For Credit” may also have their work assessed by course instructors and teaching assistants.

How long will it take to grade my work?

The amount of time it takes for coursework to be graded will vary depending on type of assignment, whether or not it is peer assessed, and whether or not the course is being offered "For Credit". 

Coursework that requires peer assessment may take up to a few weeks to be graded, depending on the number of students involved and the extent of the peer assessment required.

Students taking courses "For Credit" may in some cases receive feedback from the instructor and/or teaching assistant up to a week following the coursework deadline. 

For all other coursework types, students will be able to see their grades within 24 hours of the due date. Assignments of this type which are submitted after the coursework deadline will be graded within 24 hours. 

Please note: The deadlines for select coursework (e.g. large projects, group work) may be extended at the discretion of the course instructor.

How does Peer Assessment work?

For Peer Assessment, you'll be asked to evaluate your (randomly selected) peers, based on guidelines your instructor provides.

The schedule for Peer Assessment depends on whether your course is in Scheduled or Adaptive mode. For Scheduled courses, it opens after its coursework deadline has passed, with a deadline set to one week later. For Adaptive, it will open as soon as coursework becomes available.

If you have more questions about peer assessment, check
out our Peer & Participation Assessment FAQ.

How does Participation Assessment work?

Participation Assessment asks you to provide feedback for your peers in the Course Gallery or post in the Course Forums. Participation criteria can be things like number of comments, or word count per comment.

Only feedback provided in the gallery associated with the specific assignment that has Participation Assessment will count towards your grade.

If you have more questions about participation assessment, check out our Peer & Participation Assessment FAQ.

How can I view my grades?

Grades can be accessed in one of two ways:
  1. From the Grade Book tab on the course navigation menu.
  2. From the Coursework tab on the course navigation menu.
Click on the “View Coursework” button for the coursework you would like to view, then click the “View Grade” button.

How can others view my grades?

They can't! Your grades are never made publicly available, so don't worry about taking a risk on a tough course, or if you need to retake a course in a future offering.

The only thing we make public (through a verified link) is the Certificate of Accomplishment you receive after completing a course. Even then, you are in complete control of where and with whom you share your Certificates.

What is a Certificate of Accomplishment?

When a student achieves a final grade of 65% (or higher) in a specific course, they are considered to have successfully completed the course. In this instance, Kadenze certifies completion with a Certificate of Accomplishment. This record can then be shared with potential employers, academic institutions, or friends.


If you have any further questions about grading, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at