Account Help

Billing Policy

Premium Membership

  1. Premium Membership (“Premium”). You must have Internet access and provide your e-mail address (“User ID”) and other personal data. A current and valid payment method that is selected from the options offered (“Payment Method”) must have been provided. You may update Payment Method at any time.  At sign-up (“Sign-up”), you pick the period (such as monthly or annual) for your membership (“Term”).  Kadenze, Inc. (“Company”) assigns a start date for Premium based upon the Sign-up date. Premium is automatically renewed as Term is over and your Payment Method is billed the then current Premium fee for Term (“Term Fee”). You may cancel Premium at any time and your Payment Method will no longer be billed Term Fee. If Company terminates your account, you will no longer be billed Term Fee.  

Optional Services (“Optional Services”)

  1. With Premium you can enroll for certain courses for credit (“Credit Enroll”). Your Payment Method will be billed applicable fees for Credit Enroll. There are no refunds for Credit Enroll fees. Additionally, Credit Enroll is invalid once Premium is allowed to lapse and you will be unable to continue the course for credit.
  2. With Premium you can also enroll in Programs (“Program Enroll”). Your Payment Method will be billed applicable fees for Program Enroll. There are no refunds for Program Enroll fees. In the event that Premium membership is allowed to lapse during Program Enroll or Credit Enroll, your enrollment will switch to Auditor, and some functionality (e.g. Coursework Submission) will be restricted until Premium membership is reinstated.
  3. Company may offer other products or services from time to time. You agree to the fees for such services that you select being billed to your Payment Method.
  4. Restrictions may apply to certain Optional Services during Free.


  1. Price Changes. Company reserves the unilateral right to change pricing policies and adjust pricing of any product or service. Company will notify you and/or prominently display any such pending changes at least five (5) business days before they go into effect. 
  2. Refunds. Payment method charges are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods (“No-Refund”). Following cancellation, you will continue to have access through the end of your then current Period. Notwithstanding the No-Refund policy, at its sole discretion, Company may provide a refund, discount, or other consideration to any or all Premium members ("Discretionary Credit") in any amount or form. The provision of Discretionary Credit in one instance does not, under any circumstance, entitle you to any Discretionary Credit in the future.
  3. Rejected Payments. If a payment is not successfully settled via your Payment Method for any reason whatsoever, you will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts (“Unpaid Balance”). You authorize Company to use any legal method to collect Unpaid Balance and may be responsible for reasonable collection costs. Company may, at its sole discretion, suspend Premium until the day (“Settlement Date”) you clear Unpaid Balance. Should you provide an updated current and valid Payment Method, Company will bill your Unpaid Balance (including Monthly Fee amounts due for continuous coverage through Settlement Date) to Payment Method. Your suspension will then be lifted and Premium will be reinstated. 
  4. Premium Cancellation. Subject to any restrictions under “Optional Services”, you may cancel Premium at any time. You will continue to have Premium privileges through the end of your then current Period. There are no refunds or credits for any partial membership periods or uncompleted credit courses.