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The Coursework page is the easiest way to view all coursework associated with a particular course. Coursework can include many different types of assignments: submissions, quizzes, tests, projects, and surveys. (See Figure 1).

Students can access the Coursework page in one of three ways: 

  1. From the Course Dashboard: Click the Upcoming Deadlines tab in the Updates module. NOTE: Click View All Coursework at the bottom of this module to go to the Coursework View All page.
  2. From the Navigation Bar located on the left-hand side of your Course Dashboard: Click Coursework.This will take you to the Coursework View All page. 
  3. If the coursework you are looking for is associated with a particular session, you can also access it from that particular Session page (for more information, see Sessions

To access a particular assignment, quiz, test, project, or survey:

  1. Select the item that you wish to access from the Coursework Thumbnail Gallery.
  2. Click the View Coursework button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the coursework you would like to view. NOTE: You can also view coursework by clicking the Coursework Title of the particular coursework you would like to view. 

After making your selection from the Coursework Thumbnail Gallery, you will find yourself on the Coursework Dashboard for that particular coursework item. This dashboard will contain instructions and grading criteria specific to the coursework you are viewing. Each Coursework Dashboard  will also contain the following modules:

  1. Instructions: Use this module to find all the instructions left by your instructor to help you complete the coursework. 
  2. Submit Assignment tab: Use this tab to submit an assignment or take an exam, a quiz, or a survey. 
  3. Coursework Resources tab: Use this tab to find any resources that your instructor has provided to aid you with this particular coursework. 
  4. Peer Assessments tab (optional): If you instructor has required you to fill out peer assessments, you can do that using this tab. NOTE: Peer Assessments only apply to certain assignments, so this tab may not always appear on the Coursework Dashboard.
  5. Grading Criteria: Use this module to find a breakdown of all the criteria that your course graders will use to evaluate your submission. 
  6. Assignment Breakdown: Use this module to find an infographic that explains how much this coursework will affect your overall class grade for Assignments
  7. Course Grade Breakdown: Use this module to find an infographic that explains how much of your overall course grade will be affected by course assignments.

There are many different types of coursework. Below, you will find general information about completing each unique coursework type. (See Figure 2)

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