Courses Help


The Sessions module is where you can find lecture materials, course resources, and coursework assigned by your instructor.

To view a particular session from the Course Overview page, click Go To Session (See Figure 1) on the session you would like to view. NOTE: You can also view a course session by clicking the session title or image.

Once you have entered a session, you will find various modules, including:

  1. Session Lectures: Use this module to view all the video lectures for this session(See Figure 2).
  2. Session Info: Use this module to find any text-based materials that are associated with this session. (See Figure 3).
  3. Associated Coursework: Use this module to easily access any coursework for the current session.
  4. Resources: Use this module to find any supplementary material related to this session.

Let’s watch a video lecture! The media player contains the following controls:

  1. A Play/Pause button.
  2. The ability to “scrub” through a video.
  3. Adjustable playback volume.
  4. Standard or high definition video playback control.
  5. A manipulatable playback speed.
  6. A fullscreen feature.

If the current session is associated with any particular coursework, you can quickly view or submit that coursework using the Associated Coursework module. Further questions regarding coursework will be addressed in the Coursework help file. 

To return to the Course Dashboard page at any time, click on the Dashboard button located in the Navigation Bar on the left-hand side of your screen.